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Be Raw Podcast

Sep 13, 2023

This is in response to the great feedback I received from my last video where I talked about "Dreams don't chase you back" I talk just a bit about building a life that you don't need a vacation from. And a lot of people ask me to expand on this, BOOM!

Mentions: Highspeed Daddy-

May 17, 2023

This is me, the mic, ya'll listening, no notes and whatever is on my mind. Thanks for listening, take what you want, leave the rest.


In this episode we tip our hat to the Godfather of poker. And I pass along one of the most useful life hacks that I have! .


High Speed Daddy -

Apr 16, 2023

The Earth has been chancing the Sun for around 4 Billion years and on this episode Joe and I try to unpack a bit of it! We talk about Ancient history, Aliens and Giants from back in the day!


Joe -

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Feb 10, 2023

Mark is not slowing down a bit after retirment. He is going strong with his passions around writing and becoming a Master Bee Keeper. Time with Mark is time well spent!


Mark -

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Me -

Oct 13, 2022

Great to be back and spittin in the mic! Been a crazy ride and I talk about that and what has been on my mind over the break from the show. 

Will be back at it full throttle soon once we get settled in at the new HQ. Big Love going out to ya'll for the support!


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