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Be Raw Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

Tetyana and I talk about what is better, deep dish or thin crust... And we get into her books and the story around Motherland. She never did give out the ending, no spoil alert here. Jump in the links below to get to all her info. Bet she would love to hear from ya as well!

Oct 19, 2021

This is me, the mic, ya'll listening, no notes and whatever is on my mind. Thanks for listening, take what you want, leave the rest.

What is on my mind today is friends, family, and the importance of kicking your ego and pride to the curb to make life much easier! 


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Oct 9, 2021

Excited to bring this one to ya! Mark Tufo is one of my favorite authors and we talk about his books, how they got started, and much more. We also have a special guest! 

Links to mentions:

Marks website -

The books of his I HIGHLY recommend you read - Amazon link

Live Rishi -

My site -